All projects of the company may adversely affect the environment, however, the company is significantly concentrated on environment. The Company has prepared the following solutions for environmental impact, which may occur as a result of the operations:



1. Sweeping and cleaning the construction area to prevent dust from construction as well as placing various tools and equipment in their place.

2. Checking the toxic quantity.

3. Spraying the areas which may spread the dust with water; such as the area where the ground surface is dug opened or drilled.

4. Safety nets must be used to curtain off the construction area from the adjoining neighboring community. The nets must be thick enough to strain the dust derived from the construction under the acceptable quantity.

5. Inspecting engines and machineries for the construction areas in order to prevent the releasing of soot and dust and cleaning vehicles, specifically, the areas underneath the body and the wheels when they have to be moved from the construction areas.

6. The construction signs must be provided for the purpose of versatility and safety of the traffic regarding to traffic management.

7. Check and maintenance of the public traffic routes in the originally good or better condition as well as strictly compiling with the Transport Rules.

8. Prescribing a speed limit of trucks operated in the construction areas not to exceed 40 kilometers per hour.


1. Fixing the time for using equipment with loud noises not to be correspondingly coincided with the bed time of the people, particularly, the construction area located near the community and schools during the day time.

2. Using engines or machineries that have regular maintenances to prevent excessive noise.

3. Using block fence line to prevent noises in the case when machineries are near the community.

4. Checking vibration caused from construction to prevent affects to the community.


1. Having company representative(s) to participate in every Village Committee or Tambol Administration Council (Or.Bor.Tor.) to listen to the explanation or their opinions.

2. Erecting bulletin board to post the announcements on the details of names and contacting places for receiving complaints and recommendations as well as the reports on the follow up of environmental condition and traffic accidents.

3. Providing reasonable assistance to the community accordance with the company policy by social responsibility and forest replacement.

4. In case of a mass conflict:

– Inform related government sections to compromise.

– Advance payment for the damage that can be reimbursed from project owner in case it is not the contractor’s false.

– Follow up the summary reports on every week until the cases finished.

– Make the monthly report for situations summarizing.

The Company has taken steps in accordance with the solutions to reduce as much as possible the environmental and community to find impact and primary solutions to strict environmental quality check during the course of construction. The established solutions are merely the primary solutions and there may be additional ones coming up in concordance with the recommendations of the experts and related official organizations.