Right Tunnelling Public Company Limited was found in 2000 by Mr. Chawalit Tanomtin (Chief Executive Officer) to engage in the Geotechnical construction business especially in open rock excavation and underground rock excavation. The first project is Khundan Prakanchon RCC Dam project in Nakornnayok Province of Thailand, the main scope of works are tunnel excavation in hard rock, with a dimension of 3.5 meters and total length of 1,910 meters.

Right Tunnelling has been expanding to grow in construction business where such clients are local government agencies, Royal Irrigation Department (RID), Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), State Railway of Thailand (SRT), Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA), Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA), Department of Highways (DOH), Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (De De) and those in private sector. Among the outstanding and successful projects are Lampayang Diversion Tunnel and appurtenant works in Kalasin Province; Khwae Noi Bamrungdan Dam in Phitsanulok Province, including Diversion Tunnel, Intake structure, Rock Quarry, Rock fill and compaction for Kwae Noi Dam, Slope protection and Concrete face slab works; Clay core rock fill dam in Khao Ra Kam project, Trad Province etc. Right Tunnelling is active as well at the regional level in Nam Ngum 2 Hydro Electric power, Construction of Low Pressure Tunnel & High Pressure Tunnel in Xe Pian – Xe Namnoy Hydro Power and River Diversion in Nam Theun 1 in Lao PDR and Myanmar Headrace Tunnel Thaukyegat (2) Hydroelectric power project.

Today, our main scope of works are still covering the constructionof geotechnical works and general civil works and Dam Construction specially Xayaburi Hydroelectric Power. Right Tunnelling had engaged in major structural concrete works. The staff of engineers, geologists and technical personnel are those acquainted and expertise in underground and open excavation general civil works, geotechnical works, mining development, geological exploration and ore reserve evaluation. Right Tunnelling’s accomplishment track records on Hydropower projects being satisfied by local and international clients, demonstrate its ability to become the leader in high quality products while building excellence in its every aspect to meet customers’ stringent requirements regarding innovation, on-time delivery, safety, health and environmental concerns.

Vision & Mission Statement


Keeping ahead in engineering and geotechnical construction with customer satisfaction always.


1. Carrying out construction business with quality and sustainable growth.

2. Continued administration and organization development, safely complete the work as planned and implement employees work’s ethics with good governance.

3. Give important to potential development of human resources work in line with organizational growth.

4. Provide benefits appropriate and fair to shareholders and stakeholders.

5. Responsible to community, society and environment.


“Only the best we do”


Deliver the highest quality construction. Timely completion with long lasting customer satisfaction.

Subsidiary / Associate

Shareholding Structure


The company believed that the successful works must come along with the safety of the employees and all parties. Safety is not only a legal or regulation to be abided by but it is also a matter of ethics and humanity, a right, which all co-workers must receive, thus, the safety is considered an valuable thing of the organization to be practiced and continuously perpetuated. The Executives and all staffs will be assigned to be responsible for the safety in accordance with their respective part of works and that in no event shall safety be considered an additional part of the works but the safety must be the work to be fulfilled and, above all, must come first.

The company has set safety policy on all staffs as follows :

1. The company shall enhance and create work safety.

2. The company considers that all work performers are valuable resources of the company; thus, the safety of the work performers is the important policy of the company.

3. The company shall render support in order to create work safety and provide equipment and appliances with safety condition including condition and method in operation. The company also enhances acknowledgement and motivates work performers on safety first.

4. The company has prescribed its policy that there shall be a Health, Safety and Environmental Committee to project planning in connection with the safety as well as carrying out the management and development of the project plan to efficient success.

5. The company has prescribed its policy that all superiors have the duties and responsibilities on the matter of work safety of their subordinates in strict compliance with Safety Rules and Regulations prescribed by the company.

6. The company has prescribed its a policy that all work performers must have the duties and responsibilities for their own work safety as well as the safety of their co-workers in strict compliance with Safety Rules and Regulations prescribed by the company.

Key elements of safety plan : (Key element of safety plan)

1. Company health, safety and environmental manual

2. Safety training program for all staff positions

3. New employee orientation and training program

4. Safety promotion and incentive program

5. Job safety analysis (JSA) program for all major and high risk works

6. Accident investigation and reporting system with follow up corrective measures

7. Accident statistic and analysis

8. Preparing work method statement and accident prevention method

9. Safety audit and inspection

According to the prevention operations by various preventive measures, the company has foreseen the Safety in Process, which is a must thing to do to create sustainable work with safety. The company supervises all levels of the employees by holding regular safety talks at job sites in order to provide knowledge and comprehension in performing their work relating to health, safety and environmental condition both from their own sites and other sites.


All projects of the company may adversely affect the environment, however, the company is significantly concentrated on environment. The Company has prepared the following solutions for environmental impact, which may occur as a result of the operations:



1. Sweeping and cleaning the construction area to prevent dust from construction as well as placing various tools and equipment in their place.

2. Checking the toxic quantity.

3. Spraying the areas which may spread the dust with water; such as the area where the ground surface is dug opened or drilled.

4. Safety nets must be used to curtain off the construction area from the adjoining neighboring community. The nets must be thick enough to strain the dust derived from the construction under the acceptable quantity.

5. Inspecting engines and machineries for the construction areas in order to prevent the releasing of soot and dust and cleaning vehicles, specifically, the areas underneath the body and the wheels when they have to be moved from the construction areas.

6. The construction signs must be provided for the purpose of versatility and safety of the traffic regarding to traffic management.

7. Check and maintenance of the public traffic routes in the originally good or better condition as well as strictly compiling with the Transport Rules.

8. Prescribing a speed limit of trucks operated in the construction areas not to exceed 40 kilometers per hour.


1. Fixing the time for using equipment with loud noises not to be correspondingly coincided with the bed time of the people, particularly, the construction area located near the community and schools during the day time.

2. Using engines or machineries that have regular maintenances to prevent excessive noise.

3. Using block fence line to prevent noises in the case when machineries are near the community.

4. Checking vibration caused from construction to prevent affects to the community.


1. Having company representative(s) to participate in every Village Committee or Tambol Administration Council (Or.Bor.Tor.) to listen to the explanation or their opinions.

2. Erecting bulletin board to post the announcements on the details of names and contacting places for receiving complaints and recommendations as well as the reports on the follow up of environmental condition and traffic accidents.

3. Providing reasonable assistance to the community accordance with the company policy by social responsibility and forest replacement.

4. In case of a mass conflict:

– Inform related government sections to compromise.

– Advance payment for the damage that can be reimbursed from project owner in case it is not the contractor’s false.

– Follow up the summary reports on every week until the cases finished.

– Make the monthly report for situations summarizing.

The Company has taken steps in accordance with the solutions to reduce as much as possible the environmental and community to find impact and primary solutions to strict environmental quality check during the course of construction. The established solutions are merely the primary solutions and there may be additional ones coming up in concordance with the recommendations of the experts and related official organizations.


1. Quality Management systems ISO 9001:2015

Right Tunnelling Co.,Ltd. prudently based on quality management as company’s quality policy “Deliver the highest quality construction. Timely completion with long lasting customer satisfaction”. According to the company has operated along with quality policy that is acceptable from clients. Currently, the company is certified by UKAS in ISO 9001:2015 standard since 2013 in field of CIVIL CONSTRUCTION WORKS OF OPEN EXCAVATION, TUNNEL & SHAFT EXCAVATION, SLOPE STABILIZATION, GROUTING, DAM, CONCRETE STRUCTURE, HORIZONTAL DIRECTIONAL DRILLING, PIPE JACKING, EXPLORATION DRILING, MINI HYDRO POWER PLANT AND STEEL STRUCTURE and CIVIL DESIGN WORKS OF TUNNEL & SHAFT EXCAVATION, DRILLING & BLASTING, SLOPE STABILIZATION, CONCRETE STRUCTURE, HORIZONTAL DIRECTIONAL DRILLING, PIPE JACKING, MINI HYDRO POWER PLANT, STEEL STRUCTURE AND SHEET PILE WALL. The company keeps continue on adhere to the quality management system regularly. In order to meet the international standard,the quality policy and objectives are annually reviewed. Furthermore, the company always communicates to employees to understand the company policy and objectives, as well as effective implementation.

2. Occupational safety health and environmental management systems (OSHEMS)

The Company has set up a safety management system for occupational health and working environment. This is a guideline to control the safety, occupational health and working environment of the organization. This leads to security, security and corporate image. This will involve both employees, employers, communities, and stakeholders. Ensure the operation of the organization.

Components of Occupational Safety, Occupational Health and Work Environment. The main components are as follows: Policy, Management, Planning and Implementation, Evaluation and Management Review

The company has passed the criteria for safety, occupational health and working environment assessment by the relevant government agencies.

  • On December 1, 2017, the evaluation criteria for the Accreditation Program for Accelerated Monitoring and Development of Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Management System Bangkok area copper level from Department of Labor Protection and Welfare

  • On December 9, 2017, a performance evaluation was conducted. The project promotes the management of safety standard, occupational health and working environment. For small and medium enterprises (SMEs) from Thailand Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (Public Organization) (TOSH)”


    Right Tunnelling Co.,Ltd. emphasizes on construction works as vision of the company “Keeping ahead in civil engineering and geotechnical construction with customer’s satisfaction always.” and quality policy “Deliver the highest quality construction, timely completion with long lasting customer satisfaction.” Hence company’s quality achievements are satisfied by local and international clients, both public and private sector. The company honored to be awarded, additional, the company received safety incentive reward that was a success as a leading construction company in Thailand.


    All projects of the company may adversely affect the environment, however, the company is significantly concentrated on environment. The Company has prepared the following solutions for environmental impact, which may occur as a result of the operations: Right Tunnelling has a policy “High Quality and Creative Society” which aims for returning benefits to the society and focusing on human resources development, which are considered the principle factors in the development of the corporation and the country. The company gives donations and school supplies to employee children and various schools in need and communities nearby job sites continuously every year.

    1. Participation in community and society development.
    2. Education and Sports.
    3. Environmental Protection.
    5. Public Health.
    Public health is also importance. The company thinks highly of sacrificing, social Assitance and assist fellow human beings.