The company believed that the successful works must come along with the safety of the employees and all parties. Safety is not only a legal or regulation to be abided by but it is also a matter of ethics and humanity, a right, which all co-workers must receive, thus, the safety is considered an valuable thing of the organization to be practiced and continuously perpetuated. The Executives and all staffs will be assigned to be responsible for the safety in accordance with their respective part of works and that in no event shall safety be considered an additional part of the works but the safety must be the work to be fulfilled and, above all, must come first.

The company has set safety policy on all staffs as follows :

1. The company shall enhance and create work safety.

2. The company considers that all work performers are valuable resources of the company; thus, the safety of the work performers is the important policy of the company.

3. The company shall render support in order to create work safety and provide equipment and appliances with safety condition including condition and method in operation. The company also enhances acknowledgement and motivates work performers on safety first.

4. The company has prescribed its policy that there shall be a Health, Safety and Environmental Committee to project planning in connection with the safety as well as carrying out the management and development of the project plan to efficient success.

5. The company has prescribed its policy that all superiors have the duties and responsibilities on the matter of work safety of their subordinates in strict compliance with Safety Rules and Regulations prescribed by the company.

6. The company has prescribed its a policy that all work performers must have the duties and responsibilities for their own work safety as well as the safety of their co-workers in strict compliance with Safety Rules and Regulations prescribed by the company.

Key elements of safety plan : (Key element of safety plan)

1. Company health, safety and environmental manual

2. Safety training program for all staff positions

3. New employee orientation and training program

4. Safety promotion and incentive program

5. Job safety analysis (JSA) program for all major and high risk works

6. Accident investigation and reporting system with follow up corrective measures

7. Accident statistic and analysis

8. Preparing work method statement and accident prevention method

9. Safety audit and inspection

According to the prevention operations by various preventive measures, the company has foreseen the Safety in Process, which is a must thing to do to create sustainable work with safety. The company supervises all levels of the employees by holding regular safety talks at job sites in order to provide knowledge and comprehension in performing their work relating to health, safety and environmental condition both from their own sites and other sites.