All projects of the company may adversely affect the environment, however, the company is significantly concentrated on environment. The Company has prepared the following solutions for environmental impact, which may occur as a result of the operations: Right Tunnelling has a policy “High Quality and Creative Society” which aims for returning benefits to the society and focusing on human resources development, which are considered the principle factors in the development of the corporation and the country. The company gives donations and school supplies to employee children and various schools in need and communities nearby job sites continuously every year.

1. Participation in community and society development.
By supporting and participating in the public rouses. Activities to promote doing good deeds, Reduction vices for the well-being under the sufficiency economy. Together in a community environment and society is livable, Support the volunteer activities related to the development of communities and society. Circulating by area The company’s project construction. Including sporting events to promote unity community the relations.
2. Education and Sports.
The Company thinks highly of the importance of education and youth development capabilities, which are the primary driving force of the country. In the fact that many children have poverty problem and lack of financial support. As the issue the company supports the scholarship and provide sports equipment to needy schools in rural areas. Encouraging young people to develop both academic and athletic.
3. Environmental Protection.
The Company tries to control all our project to use effectively resources and energy contiol.We studies a lot about the environmental issues such as ecology, global warming, ecological pollution and We have done lots of tree planting activities.
The Company supports the employees to apply the Buddhism doctrinal principles for their daily life and work. The Company sees that the Buddhism has contributed significantly to national development and national security. Buddhism doctrinal and traditional activities are the spiritual anchor for the Buddhists since ancient times until now and in the future as well.
5. Public Health.
Public health is also importance. The company thinks highly of sacrificing, social Assitance and assist fellow human beings.